Our support-teams in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria are happy to assist you with entering your data and projects. Please contact the respective support team below.

Austria and Europe (German, English, French):

Andrea Ben Lassoued, Südwind Agentur
Tel.: +43 1 405 55 15 320
E-Mail: austria@comide.net
Skype: andrea.ben.lassoued


Ilaria Cicione, COSPE
Tel.: +39 051 546600
E-Mail: italy@comide.net
Skype: ilaria_ci


Lana Zdravković, Peace Institute
Tel.: +386 1 234 77 20
E-Mail: slovenia@comide.net
Skype: lana.kitch


Galya Terzieva, Society Development Institute
Tel.: +421 907 135897
E-Mail: slovakia@comide.net
Skype: terzievagalya